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What Are The Requirements For Passport Renewal?

What Are The Requirements For Passport Renewal?

san diego passport servicesMost of the people had their Passport in their hand; to be able to go outside your country, transfer or visit another one you need Passport as the key. But what if your passport is already outdated before your flight? Well that’s a big trouble; every passport holder should know when the expiration date of their Passport is, there are a lot people who don’t know what the requirements are and what are the things you need to prepare?

First, fill up your DS-82 application form then send it by mail, passport offices as well as through regional agency but take note that only adult passport holder is authorized in sending the application or you can personally apply your application. But before that, make sure that your requirements are valid. Here are some help what are the requirements and things to do on renewing your Passport.

Required Documents

DS-82 Application Form

The form is downloadable in a PDF format, fill up the form completely. But, bar in mind these following requirements before filling up.

Current Passport
Your are 16 years old and above
The issued date should be maximum of 15 years ago
Your current name was written in your personal data on your passport, otherwise your name should be change legally.

Valid Passport Photo

You should provide 2 copies of your passport photo. It should be 2×2 in size, should not exceed in 6 months from the last time was taken, colored, full view of your face with black or white background and should be in normal casual attire.


For the passport fee’s, you need to pay $110 for the passport fee plus $60 for Expedite fee with a total of $170. Renewal payment is different for newly applied passport for children and adults.

Evidence of Citizenship

In able to acquired passport, you need to have a proof of citizenship that you are legally born or lawfully citizen of San Diego. Here are some valid proofs:

Birth Certificate (should be certified)
Certification of Birth or Citizenship (Consular report)
Existing passport (should not be tampered or damage)
Doctor’s Records
Baptismal Certificates

The passport renewal process will take 4 to 6 working weeks, otherwise you could make it sooner by applying via a regional passport agency or expedited companies to process it then you can get it within 24 hours.