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Renewing Passports in San Diego

Renewing Passports in San Diego


Unlike applying for a new passport in the United States or in San Diego, California, the renewal of passports is a much easier process. Like most locations all over the country, passport renewal takes less time to process than when acquiring a new passport.

In a renewal, there are not that many documents to hand in and one can send a renewal application via mail. A personal appearance is also not required unless one needs to travel in less than two weeks and the person seeks to expedite the process at a regional processing location.

The passport renewal centers are essential when one wants fast approval, especially if one seeks to travel within 30 days and if the person wishes to obtain a visa to a particular country. There are also individuals wanting to have an expedited renewal yet are unable to go to a passport renewal o and an alternative for them is to utilize the services of an expediter.

The renewal of a passport requires mailing or submitting to any passport renewal center in San Diego  a filled-in Form-82 together with the passport issued previously, renewal fee payment, and a passport photograph. The photo can be taken at any passport photos acility. The old passport should neither be expired for more than five years nor damaged significantly. One should also know that adults whose old passports were issued when they were still of minor age (ages 17 and below) cannot renew via mail. They have to go to any passport renewal  center to process their renewal.

Minors also cannot renew their passports via mail. They must renew in person and hand in a Form DS-11 and other pertinent documents. A parent is needed to appear together with minors aged 16. However, a parent does not need to accompany a 17 year old during the renewal process. If the minor is aged 15 or below, both parents have to appear with their child.

The passport renewal process in a San Diego passport agency and in many other locations is dependent on several factors including the speed the passports have to be renewed and the applicant’s age. The requirements also vary for every situation.

When it comes to renewal by mail, one can renew his or her passport if the last passport’s issue date was less than 15 years before, one is older than 16 years of age, one’s name is the same and if one can submit his or her undamaged recent passport.

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