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Passport Photos San Diego

Passport Photos San DiegoHow Passport Photo Services Can Provide Hassle-Free San Diego Passport Application

The passport application and renewal process is a tedious and complicated process which will surely take much of your time and may even stress you out. In order to facilitate the renewal and application of your passport, there are lots of requirements that you must submit. A passport photo is one of the most important requirement in the renewal and the application of a passport.

The passport photo is not like any other types or sizes of photos. This has different size and quality requirements. In order to make sure that you will submit the right photo, there are some passport photo guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Passport Photos San Diego Requirements

Below are some of the passport photo guidelines for passport renewal and application in San Diego:


The passport photo size must be 2 x 2 inches. The photo must be sized at such that head is between 35 and 25 mm from the bottom part of the picture to the top of the person’s head.


Passport photos must be taken with a plain off-white to white background.


The recommended outfit for a passport photo is a collared blouse or polo shirt. Wearing suits is also highly suggested.

Image Quality

The photo must be in color and printed on either a glossy or matte photo paper.

How Can Passport Photos San Diego Services Help You

Since passport photos are vital in the passport application process, the staff will check to see if the  submitted photo complies with guidelines stated above. The best way to make sure that you will get it right the first time is to avail of passport photos service. This type of service is carried out by professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience in providing quality passport photos with a size and image quality that is in accordance with the passport photo guidelines. These professionals are fully versed about the different requirements for San Diego passport photos. Because of this, they can be able to provide you with the right photo that will surely be accepted without any hassles or complications.

Through these passport photo services, you can be able to enjoy a hassle-free and convenient passport application and renewal process. Visit us for professional passport photos San Diego service that can satisfy your passport application needs.