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Live Scan San Diego

Live Scan San DiegoCriminal Background Check Made Easy With A Live Scan San Diego Service

When you apply for a US passport, officials will evaluate each and every aspect of your background. Background checks are carried out in order to prevent any dangerous individuals or criminals to find a way to escape the punishment for the crimes that they have committed in the US. In addition to that, this added precautionary step is also carried out with the aim of preventing these dangerous individuals to relocate to another country and to stop them form committing more crimes. Last but not the least, these checks also help in preventing illegal immigrants to obtain US passport. These immigrants usually use these passports to fake their identity or to earn additional income by selling these into the black market.

The Benefits of Using Live Scan San Diego Service

Before, background checks would require a tedious and frustrating process. Now that everything is done electronically, the process has become a lot more easier and efficient.

For those who are not aware what Live Scan is, it is the process of obtaining the digital prints of the applicant and submitting these prints electronically to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI as a requirement for Visa/ Immigration or Passport application clearance. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from using a live scan San Diego service.

Fast and easy

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to submit your background checks, Live Scan is the perfect option for you. The process is quite simple and it can be completed in just a few minutes. This type of service does not require any appointments. Walk-ins can be accommodated during working hours.

After the finger printing process is completed, your personal file will be transmitted to the DOJ or FBI to get the background checks processed. Within a minimum duration of three business days, the result of your background check will be forwarded to the requesting agency. However, the duration may vary depending on the processing times of the processing department.

Minimal requirements

We have streamlined the background check so the requirements will just be minimal. You will need to bring only the following: three copies of Request For Live Scan form that has already been filled out, valid photo ID’s (expired ID’s are not accepted) and form of payment.

Time and cost efficient

With our services, you do not have to go to the DOJ and process the papers yourself. In addition to that, there is no need for you to bring the background check back to the Consular Affairs. This helps you save time as well as money

If you wish to make the entire background check process time and cost efficient, do not hesitate to call us or visit our office.