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Ink Fingerprinting San Diego

Ink Fingerprinting San DiegoThe Importance of Ink Fingerprinting San Diego Service in Passport Application Process

Criminal background check is a vital part of the passport application and renewal process in San Diego.

Officials of the US Consular affairs employ background check to ensure that no criminal or individual with drug charges can be able to obtain a US passport. It is true that the passport officials have no right to deny anyone a passport due to general felony conviction. On the other hand, these officials can deny the applicant a passport if he is convicted with felony or drug offense which has been carried out once the applicant has crossed the international border. Criminal background check is important for the prevention of potential drug traffickers, criminals and dangerous people to leave the United States.

Ink Fingerprinting for Passport Application and Renewal

Today, the most popular method of processing a background check is through mobile fingerprinting services or Live Scan. However, there are still some cases that would require the traditional method of obtaining finger prints.  For this process, the applicant will avail of the ink finger printing service where he will place the print of his fingers in an FBI-released card with the help of skilled professionals to ensure that the prints will be taken in the most detailed way possible.

Today, there are still a lot of ink fingerprinting service providers. In this type of service, a standard FB fingerprint card is used. This card has a size of 8 x8 inches. Other term for this card is FBI FD-258. For those passport applicants who do not have this card, the provider will provide you one with no additional charge.

This service is provided by expert fingerprint technicians. Because of this, you are rest assured that your finger prints will be approved by the requesting agency. Aside from passport renewal and application, this service is also needed for background checks required for employment, immigration. Certification, licensing and many more.

If you are planning to apply or renew your passport or obtain visa for a San Diego trip, you will definitely need to undergo a criminal background check. This is when our ink finger printing San Diego service will come handy. To make the process a whole lot easier for you, feel free to call us or visit our office. We require no appointment, walk-ins are accepted and we can be at your service during working hours.