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How Long Does A Renewal Passport Take?

How Long Does A Renewal Passport Take?

Applying for Passports in San DiegoPassport renewal is a long and tedious process. Oftentimes, you will get impatient when waiting for your new passport to come. In order to avoid confusion and frustration, doing your research is a must. The US consular affairs have standardized their passport renewal application process so you will be able to know when is the earliest and latest time that you can receive your new passport.

The duration of your passport renewal process will vary depending on the method of passport renewal and the types of passport renewal service that you have employed.

For Routine Service’

Starting September 11, 2014, the US consular affairs has standardized their renewal process and it has been declared that the processing of routine applications will take approximately four to six weeks after application has been made.

For Expedited Service

Starting September 11, 2014, The consular affairs has committed to processing all passport renewal under the expedited service within eight days after the agency has received your passport renewal application. With this regard, you will be able to receive your denial letter or new passport within three weeks via door-to-door delivery. If you wish to get your passport at a much earlier time, this is the right service for your needs. Keep in mind that this type of service would require an additional fee of $60 (in addition to the passport renewal fee that you will have to pay).

The processing times mentioned above apply to all the types of passport services, including the request for additional visa pages and for a change in name of the passport holder.

When determining the processing times of your passport renewal, keep in mind that passport cards are not allowed to be shipped via an overnight delivery. First Class mail is the method of shipping for passport cards.

Other Information

If you have already filed for passport renewal, you will be able to check the status of your passport online.

Five to seven days after your passport application has been filed, you can be able to use the Internet to track your application. In the event that you have availed of the Expedited service and you have sent the passport application through overnight delivery, you may be able to track your application online at an earlier time.

Check the site for updates.

It is recommended that you constantly check the US consular affairs’ website for any updates on the processing times.