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Applying for and Renewing Your Passport in San Diego

A passport is one of the most indispensable documents that a United States citizen should have. This document is needed when you need to travel abroad for a short period of time. For longer periods in foreign soil, you need to obtain a visa. In San Diego, California, there are many passport agencies (government and non-government) that can help you get a passport. These San Diego passport agencies also help you learn how to renew a passport for future travel.

Applicants should personally apply at a San Diego Passport agency if he or she is a first-time applicant, if he or she is under 16 years of age, if his/her previous passport was issued when the he/she was before the age of 16, if the prior passport is damaged or lost, if the passport was issued 15 or more years ago, or if the name has changed. This normally applies to married women who have surnames different from the ones indicated in their passports.

The process of renewing a passport

The process of renewing a passport is much easier than applying for a new one. This is because the documents needed are not as numerous. You can even renew a passport via mail. Renewing passport via mail is hassle-free. To renew, you must send a Form DS-82, which can be printed and completed using handwriting or completed online. A $25 execution fee is not needed with this form. Also needed is a passport photo that can be taken at a legitimate passport photos  provider.

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Where can you get a passport and how to renew passport in the instance that you have to appear personally? One is recommended to schedule for an appointment at a San Diego passport service the nearest or most convenient passport issuing agency. For faster processing, you should do this if the application will travel to another country in less than two weeks and if the applicant will get an overseas visa within 4 weeks. Some of these authorized facilities include: municipal offices, libraries, or post offices. These facilities also offer expedited and routine passport services.

You can also apply for a passport outside the United States, but the processing procedure is different. While the application forms and fees are the same everywhere, each U.S. consulate or U.S. embassy has various procedures for processing passport application documents.

A passport is an American citizen’s lifeline to other countries. This is a right for every citizen and it is a right and privilege for diplomats and U.S. citizens who want to travel the world over. Thus, it is important that you take care of your passport. Moreover, the renewal process is fairly easy.