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Applying for Passports in San Diego

The passport application process is relatively easy for new passport applicants and for renewal applicants. There are many processing offices in San Diego, California, and one of these is the Office of the City Clerk. This Office and most other passport application offices offer more or less the same services.

To apply, you have to set an appointment. Most offices also accommodate walk-in applicants, but for limited time periods and most passport application  offices in San diego also do not accept applicants on certain days. When processing your passport, it helps to be prepared. Thus, you must come in with the complete documents and filled-in forms. The form must be signed before a passport agent.

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Located at the corner of Barnett Avenue and Midway Dr. between the Midway Post Office and M.C.R.D.

Phone : (619) 223-1661
Address : 2353 Midway Drive San Diego, CA 92110

Applying for Passports in San Diego


You must also present proof that you are a United States citizen. These original documents can be a birth certificate (original or certified), prior U.S. passport, citizenship certification, certificate of naturalization, and/or birth certificate issued by a U.S. consul if born in another country.

Identification is also crucial when processing your passport application request. While these offices do not request the originals, the applicant is asked to provide a standard-sized bond paper copies of either a valid and current driver’s license, government I.D. (federal, state, or city), or military I.D.

You must also come prepared with passport photos, which can be taken at the city clerk’s office or at any authorized passport photos photo shop in San Diego. An application must also come with two payments. These are payments made to the City Treasurer and to the Department of State.

When it comes to renewal of passports, there is no need to visit a passport application center in most cases. This can be done by mail. However, if the applicant is a minor or if the passport is damaged or altered, the applicant should visit a passport application service for a personal appearance.

How to renew your passport via mail is easy. You can do this if: your recent passport is not damaged, if you are over the age of 16 when the last passport was issued, if the passport was obtained within the last 15 years, and if you have the same name. An example of such is when a woman just got married and seeks to change her name in the passport. This can be done if she can send a supporting document like a marriage license.

In all, as long as the requirements have been accomplished, the passport issuing process is easy.

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